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Retirement Plan Benefit Consultants
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Ensuring Compliance and Savings

The employee benefit consultants of Guaranteed Pension Service look at your situation from many perspectives, including design, cost, administration, tax, accounting, and legal compliance. Our process will then design, implement, and support your retirement plan program, based on our assessment.  If you are a retirement plan sponsor, we can help you select the service providers who will meet your fiduciary responsibilities as required under ERISA. In most cases, our process helps employers find service providers that save money for them as well as plan participants. Working with financial advisors and recordkeeping partners, we review trust accounting of employer and employee contributions, account balances and distributions. Our benefit consulting professionals can help you set strategy, evaluate plan performance, and mandate transparency. This means gaining an understanding of who's doing what, when, how, and for how much, so that you can use that information in future decision making. We can also help you design qualified retirement plans so that you can retain the employees you rely on for success. When you need a consultant who understands employee benefits and how they fit in a business strategy, you can depend on our team of experts.
The plan has to be implemented to gain the benefits.
Maximize company productivity with grateful employees. Attract and retain productive and innovated employees, Minimize costs; costly fines and penalties. Maximize your retirement plan returns.