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Maximizing Value Through Plan Design

Some companies are comfortable recommending a basic retirement plan without first considering whether it is the best design to meet their client's needs.  We work with our clients to design qualified retirement programs that meet their business goals and objectives. When it comes to qualified retirement plans and 401(k) plans, it is important to understand your business goals before designing the plans. For some companies, the goal may be to maximize contributions to select employees or provide varying levels of benefits to different groups of employees. Others may wish to simplify their plan design to make compliance easier or to design their plan to encourage employee participation. At Guaranteed Pension Service, our extensive expertise allows us to provide creative solutions to help maximize client value through plan design. Whether our clients are looking for a sophisticated plan customized to serve a very specific purpose, or a simpler, more cost-efficient plan, we work with them to develop and implement a plan that meets their needs. We have experience in designing and administering qualified plans for businesses of all types and sizes.  Through personal attention and knowledge of technical regulations, we work together to find the best solutions for our clients and their employees.  Whatever your company’s goals, we can play an important role in your overall strategy for  attracting and retaining the most talented people, as well as planning for your own  retirement and maximizing your tax benefits.
Guaranteed Pension Service asks questions like these:
Does the plan maximize contributions and minimize taxes by taking advantage of considerations unique to a particular business and its ownership? Does the plan's cost-to-return ratio really make sense in the long term? Does the plan align with the plan sponsor's specific goals and circumstances? Is the plan providing benefits in the best interest of its participants? Is the company protected by a compliance warranty, no matter the changes within the business or regulatory landscape?